From the Head of Department

The goal of the Department of Interior Architecture is to train designers who identify, investigate and produce solutions to design problems that directly concern the function and quality of interiors. It contributes to the students' awareness in design analysis, site planning, construction site supervision, construction systems and elements as well as the selection of appropriate tools and materials.

As a result of developing technology and social development, it is aimed to reflect the common characteristics of science and art, to bring visuality to the forefront and to offer a solution to the indispensable factors of life. In this respect, it paves the way for the students to be directed to design principles appropriate to cultural level and social differentiation in economic issues.

In our Interior Architecture Department, it is accepted as reflecting the art intertwined with life to the spaces and carrying cultural values ​​and human life values ​​to other generations. Our cultural substructure ensures that the spatial richness created so far is met with acceptable criteria in accordance with current conditions and new phenomena.

Doğuş University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Interior Architecture has established education and training rules based on past experiences. During the process of taking the professional place of the student in the society, a fundamental way of providing technical equipment with a contemporary interpretation and a unique way of gaining environmental art concepts and spatial solutions were chosen.

In the results of the examinations and researches, the students acquire original ideas and qualifications by means of a one-to-one education model, and studies are performed to interpret art in the light of the basic knowledge of technical rules. Doğuş University Department of Interior Architecture aims to train the interior architects of tomorrow.


Head of Department