From the Head of Department

One of the traditions of the modern world is the necessity of having products designed by experts in order to produce them in large numbers.

The main purpose of Doğuş University Department of Industrial Product Design is to seek to nurture our students as efficient Industrial Product Designers who will meet the needs of Turkish manufacturers for original designs, with the help of the cooperative environment provided by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and the scientific and technological environment of the university.

Conditions experienced in the world of industry act as a stimulus to the identity and system of the educational institutions as well as the relations of production. It is a process which enables us to nurture and support our students who will take their places in education, socio-economic and socio-cultural structures.

We diligently assess the talent for our future designers who are realistic, creative and enterprising in order to produce talented students in accordance with the needs of this profession.

The educational programs of our department have been designed taking into consideration the conditions of our country and the universal developments taking place.

Throughout this process, we apply an up-to-date educational model which aims at having future designers join the industrial world ready with the help of supportive disciplines while continuing our education through courses which help our students highlight and develop their creativity.

In order to realize these principles, the educational programs of the Department of Industrial Product Design are carried out with integrity in both theoretical and practical studies.

Asst. Prof. H. Eser TEZEREN
Head of