Date: 29 November 2019

Sarah Brown will be At Doğuş University for Mask Workshop

Performance Artist Sarah Brown, with the contributions of Acting Department Assoc. Dr. Senem Cevher,  will be at Our University between 17-26 December 2019 for the “Mask Performance Workshop”, which will be specially organized for Doğuş University Acting Department students.

Who is Sarah Brown?

After graduating from Yale University, Sarah Brown teaches acting at the University of Memphis. In addition, she produces in the performance field as a director, playwright and actor. She has been organizing Commedia Dell Arte and Mask workshops in many different places and universities in the World.

Workshop Description:

The masks have a hidden life force formed by those who wear it. It is not possible to wear masks that are well made and keeping the exchange power off. Masks hide who we are, but they also contain many different characters coming out of us. In this exciting workshop, participants will learn to give up control and to play creativitly by the masks! Professor and also an international solo performer, Sarah Brown teaches her students the codes of improvisational comedy, intuitive creativity and storytelling by using masks.